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About Craegfern Studios:

Our Mission:

"Craegfern Studios facilitates transformation towards personal and global wholeness through providing dynamic experiences, products and tools."

We are dedicated to the Environment, Creativity and Wellness. We accomplish our mission by:

  • Parnering in environmentally-sound education, research, workshops, art studio and other projects.
  • Presenting innovative workshops that bring about positive change.
  • Providing body, mind and spirit therapies for wellness.
  • Supporting the transformative process through interaction with clay and other forms of creative self-expression while working with Craegfern Studios Resident Artists.
  • Providing tools in the form of art, music, publications, and other related products.

    Our location:
    Craegfern Studios has recently moved to an 11-acre site in Stanwood, Washington. Ideally situated mid-way between Seattle and Bellingham, Craegfern can offer convenient workshops and events for much of western Washington and as far afield as Vancouver, BC, and Portland.

    Here are driving directions.
  • Our primary projects...

    Resident Artist Programs:
    Patronage Program -- encourages patrons to support Craegfern Artists' professional growth. Also see the Pre-Show Artwork Patronage Program
    Pre-Show Artwork Patronage Program -- Provides funding to Craegfern Studios Resident Artists through the pre-sale of artwork being created for a given show.

    OFFERINGS from Brian M. Somers, Craegfern Studios Resident Artist:
    Moon Altar Bowl Series -- These bowls are unique fine art, hand-crafted from porcelain and raku-fired. Each is an exquisite focal point on a personal altar for meditation, or for holding sacred space and objects. Every bowl contains a spiral and hand shadow and is dedicated in moon ceremony and dated.

    View our Virtual Gallery

    About Cher Martin, Director (Coming soon!)
    About Brian Somers, Resident Artist (Coming soon)